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By continuing, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Shriram AMC and authorize our representatives to contact you via phone, email, SMS, or WhatsApp you regarding your application. This will override any NDNC registration you have made.


  1. Any term referred hereunder will have the same meaning as attributed under the SID and SAI of the respective schemes launched by Shriram Mutual Fund.
  2. The relationship between the AMC and the Distributor is that of principal to principal. The Distributor and/or its personnel shall not be entitled to, by act, word, deed or otherwise, make any statement on behalf of AMC/MF or in any manner bind the AMC/MF except to the limited extent as expressly provided in herein or otherwise in writing. The activities of the Distributor and its personnel shall not be construed to be activities of the AMC/MF.
  3. This Agreement is a non-exclusive agreement and the AMC may at its sole discretion appoint other Distributor to distribute the Units of the MF.
  4. The appointment of the Distributor shall be subject to the terms and conditions stipulated herein and to any guidelines, notifications, regulations policies, procedures that may by framed or issued from time to time by the MF/ AMC, Association of Mutual Funds in India (“AMFI”), SEBI or any other regulatory body /authority. Further Distributor undertakes to comply with the Advertisement guidelines and Advertisement Code prescribed by SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulation,1996. Subject to Advertising Guidelines and disclosure requirements as specified by SEBI, the Financial Advisor shall not use any advertising or sales material relating to the Distributor other than sales material released by the Company and unless approved in writing by the Company advance of such use. Furthermore, the Distributor will comply with SEBI's circulars no. MFD/CIR/06/210/02 dated June 26, 2002, and MFD/CIR No. 10/310/01dated September 25, 2001. Further, the Distributor also agrees to comply with SEBI Circular no. MFD/CIR/20/23230/2002 dated November 28, 2002 read with AMFI Guidelines Ref. No.CIR/ARM01/02-03 dated January 15, 2003, as amended from time to time.
  5. The Broker agrees to comply with the relevant provisions of the Money-Laundering Act, 2002, as may be applicable in respect of Broker / Investors and will assist the AMC in complying with provisions of the Money-Laundering Act, 2002, as may be notified by the Regulatory authorities / AMC.
  6. The Distributor shall ensure that the Distributor, its employees or representatives have and at all times shall continue to hold all valid and subsisting approvals / registrations / certifications as may be required by law to perform its obligations hereunder during the term of appointment and that they have not and shall not violate / breach any of the terms and conditions subject to which such approvals / registrations / certifications have been granted.
  7. The Distributor shall mobilise the funds under each scheme of the MF in accordance with the SID and SAI of the respective schemes & operating instructions, if any, provided by the AMC / MF.
  8. The Distributor agrees that the Distributor, its employees or representatives will always provide each investor/unit holder with a copy of the SID / Key Information Memorandum with respect to the relevant scheme of the MF and will be given a copy of the SID and SAI if requested with respect to the relevant scheme of the MF.
  9. The Distributor shall do all acts, deeds and things necessary on behalf of the MF / AMC to enhance the investors' confidence and interest in the MF and ensure that the interests and reputation of the MF and the AMC are fully protected at all times.
  10. The Compensation (i.e. commission or brokerage or fee) and the periodicity of its payments for each scheme of the MF will be decided by the AMC at its discretion. Further, the AMC has the right to revise the same from time to time as it thinks fit. The Distributor shall be eligible to receive commission based on the amounts mobilised by such Distributor under each scheme of the MF subject to such other terms and conditions as may be applicable.
  11. The Distributor shall not have any right or claim against the MF / AMC, for any loss incurred by it due to any revision made by the AMC in Compensation or any change of terms and conditions of distribution.
  12. In case the Distributor receives any Compensation or any other amount which is not due or payable to the Distributor, the AMC / MF shall be entitled to recover the same or adjust all such amounts as are paid wrongly or by mistake to the Distributor.
  13. The Distributor shall only make representations / statements concerning units of scheme as contained in the current SID and KIM and printed information issued by the MF / AMC as information supplemental to such documents.
  14. The Distributor shall only use advertising / sales material for distributing / selling the units of the MF as provided / approved by the MF / AMC.
  15. The Distributor shall not indulge in any kind of malpractice or unethical practice to sell, market or induce any investor to buy the units of the scheme(s) of the MF.
  16. The Distributor shall neither use nor display the logo or mark of the AMC / MF (or any logo or mark similar thereto) in any manner whatsoever, without the AMC's prior written approval.
  17. The Distributor shall take adequate steps to obtain information and identify the investors/unit holders who invest in the MF through the Distributor and shall maintain all information / documents / records in respect of services provided hereunder e.g. customer database etc.
  18. The Distributor shall provide such assistance as may be required by the investors / unit holders / the Registrar / the AMC to redress any complaints received therefrom.
  19. The Distributor (including all its employees, Distributor and representatives) undertakes to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to all matters, documents, reports and information given to the Distributor on confidential basis by the AMC / MF.
  20. The Distributor shall ensure that the terms and conditions mentioned herein or as agreed from time to time are also complied with the Distributors' employees, Distributor (including sub-Distributor) and representatives.
  21. The Distributor shall protect and keep harmless and indemnify the MF / AMC, against and in respect of any loss, claim, cost, charges, expenses (including legal fees and expenses), penalties whatsoever which the MF / AMC, may incur as a result of:
    1. reach of any term or condition mentioned herein by the Distributor or any of its employees, Distributor (including sub-Distributor) and representatives;
    2. fraudulent, improper, incorrect, wrongful or negligent performance, work, service, act or omission by the Distributor including any of its employees, and representatives;
    3. wilful misconduct of the Distributor or any of its employees, Distributor (including sub-Distributor) and representatives.
  22. The Distributor shall promptly provide on periodic basis such written declaration / confirmations along with supporting documents as required by the AMC to ensure compliance with all applicable laws/rules/regulations/guidelines/SEBI/ AMFI circulars.
  23. The Distributor shall give its no objection to the change of name of Distributor / transfer of Agency code, in case such request has been received by the investor voluntarily, and shall not withhold such consent without assigning any valid reason.
  24. The AMC shall have the right to terminate the appointment of a Distributor at any time without assigning any reason thereof. ADistributor may also terminate his / her /its relationship at any time after informing the MF / AMC, through a letter by giving prior written notice of 30 days.
  25. Disputes arising out of this arrangement will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Kolkata City only.
  26. The AMC may provide infrastructure facilities at its office premises to the distributors on best effort basis. In such case, the AMC has the right to recover from the distributor any damage/ loss occurred either to the Office premises or any asset of the company.
  27. The commission / brokerage payable by the AMC in respect of distribution of Mutual Fund Units by the Distributor will be per the brokerage structure as may be notified by AMC from time to time and will be inclusive of all taxes, cesses, charges, and levies.
  28. We, the Distributor, agree and accept that these terms and conditions constitute a valid and binding contract enforceable under law and we having fully read and understood these terms hereby agree to comply with and be bound by the same.

Why empaneling with us is a smart decision ?

Dedicated Phone Support

We provide dedicated phone support to our distributors on a toll-free number 18604191400, ensuring you can reach us easily and at no cost.

Diverse Portfolio

Our wide range of investment options caters to the diverse needs of your clients, from conservative to aggressive risk appetites.

Expert Management

Our team of seasoned professionals with deep market knowledge and experience ensures your client’s investments are in capable hands.

Online Portals

We provide online portals dedicated to distributors for seamless transactions, making managing your clients’ investments easier.

How to empanel with us
  • Enter the ARN Details

  • Review & Confirm

What’s in it for you?

Exclusive Monthly Calls

As a partner, you will have the privilege of exclusive monthly calls with our fund manager. These calls will provide you with a deeper understanding of the market trends and our fund strategy. This knowledge can be leveraged to pitch your clients more effectively and confidently.

Consistent Performance

Our EQI model’s consistent performance can help build trust with your clients, leading to long-term relationships and repeat business.

Broadened Client Base

Our diverse portfolio allows you to cater to a wide range of client needs, helping you expand your client base.

Enhanced Customer Service:

With our dedicated phone support and online portals, you can provide superior service to your clients, enhancing your reputation and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Shriram AMC Empanelment


Who is eligible for empanelment with Shriram AMC?

Entities possessing an ARN (AMFI Registration Number) from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) can apply for empanelment. This includes mutual fund distributors, brokers, agencies, financial institutions, banks, brokerage firms, and registered investment advisors.


Is an ARN number mandatory for empanelment?

Yes, an ARN number is a prerequisite for empanelment. AMFI provides this unique identification number to intermediaries in the mutual fund market.


What is the duration of the empanelment process?

The empanelment process is instantaneous for individuals upon submission of all required details. For non-individual entities, the process typically takes 5-7 working days.


How can I initiate the empanelment process?

Begin the empanelment process by visiting our website and completing the online application form. You’ll need to provide your ARN number and other necessary details as per AMFI record. Post submission, individual applicants get empanelled immediately. For non-individual empanelment, please contact us at 18604191400 or email us at partnersupport@shriramamc.in.


How can I check the status of my empanelment application?

You can verify the status of your empanelment application by calling us at 18604191400 or emailing us at partnersupport@shriramamc.in.


What are the eligibility criteria for mutual fund distributor empanelment?

Eligibility for mutual fund empanelment includes possession of a valid ARN number and adherence to the AMFI-specified code of conduct. Additionally, applicants should have a commendable track record and reputation in the market.

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