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Join Shriram Asset Management Company and harness the full potential of our comprehensive partner resources. Empanel yourself with us to access a suite of tools designed to enhance your client services and expand your business. Our Partner Center is your one-stop destination for managing accounts, generating customized ARN links, and obtaining personalized co-branding support.

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Log into your dashboard to manage client accounts, view assets under management (AUM), and execute transactions on behalf of your investors—all from one centralized location

Customized ARN Link

Generate customized ARN links effortlessly. These links are tailored to streamline your client interactions and simplify fund recommendations.
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Co-branded Merchandize

Enhance your market presence with co-branded marketing materials. These resources can be personalized to reflect your branding alongside Shriram AMC, reinforcing your professional image.
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What is in it for you

Exclusive Monthly Calls

As a partner, you will have the privilege of exclusive monthly calls with our fund manager.

Consistent Performance

Our EQI model's consistent performance can help build trust with your clients, leading to long-term relationships and repeat business.

Broadened Client

Base Our diverse portfolio allows you to cater to a wide range of client needs, helping you expand your client base.

Enhanced Customer Service

With our dedicated phone and email support, provide superior service to your clients, enhancing your reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who is eligible for empanelment with Shriram AMC?

Entities possessing an ARN (AMFI Registration Number) from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) can apply for empanelment. This includes mutual fund distributors, brokers, agencies, financial institutions, banks, brokerage firms, and registered investment advisors.


Is an ARN number mandatory for empanelment?

Yes, an ARN number is a prerequisite for empanelment. AMFI provides this unique identification number to intermediaries in the mutual fund market.


What is the duration of the empanelment process?

The empanelment process is instantaneous for individuals upon submission of all required details. For non-individual entities, the process typically takes 5-7 working days.


How can I initiate the empanelment process?

Begin the empanelment process by visiting our website and completing the online application form. You’ll need to provide your ARN number and other necessary details as per AMFI record. Post submission, individual applicants get empanelled immediately. For non-individual empanelment, please contact us at 18604191400 or email us at partnersupport@shriramamc.in.


How can I check the status of my empanelment application?

You can verify the status of your empanelment application by calling us at 18604191400 or emailing us at partnersupport@shriramamc.in.


What are the eligibility criteria for mutual fund distributor empanelment?

Eligibility for mutual fund empanelment includes possession of a valid ARN number and adherence to the AMFI-specified code of conduct. Additionally, applicants should have a commendable track record and reputation in the market.

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