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Choose Liquid Funds for Financial Security and Quick Access to Money

Liquid Fund Calculator

I amCurrent Age Is Requiredyears old. I plan to save until I amEnd Of The Age Is Requiredyears old. I need Corpus Amount Is Requiredas an emergency fund. I have already savedCurrent Savings Is Required. I expectPlease enter a value from 1% to 30% rate of return and an inflation rate of Expected InflationRate Is Required


Select your Risk Appetite


You prefer stable potential returns

You are a balanced investor who possesses a grasp of investment market dynamics. Your preference lies in striking a balance between capital growth and capital preservation. You are willing to take limited short-term risk in pursuit of greater long-term capital appreciation.

You're an experienced, aggressive investor seeking high-growth opportunities. You are ready to take high risks in pursuit of superior long-term capital growth.

You are unsure about your risk appetite, and whether to choose either conservative or aggressive investments.

We recommend that you make monthly investments of ₹4,500 or a lump sum investment of  ₹4,59,440 to accumulate  ₹10,000,00 in 1 years to meet emergency expenses.

Your Risk Profile

SIP Investment ₹4,500


Shriram Overnight Fund

DebtModerate warning

SIP amount of
₹ 4,500

Lumpsum Investment ₹ 4,500


Shriram Balanced Advantage Fund

HybridVery High Risk warning

SIP amount of
₹ 4,59,440


Whether it's unexpected expenses, short-term goals, or seizing investment opportunities, Liquid Funds are easily a smart choice for those seeking easy access to their money and potential returns. These funds offer a convenient way to invest and offer optimal returns

How can inflation affect your future?

0 This year20 years

Today₹ 111.3

At retirement ₹ 158.87

Today₹ 7,500

At retirement₹ 19,500

Today₹ 23,250

At retirement₹ 57,550

Today₹ 8,700

At retirement₹ 16,550

Today₹ 3,750

At retirement₹ 12,825

Today₹ 5,270

At retirement₹ 17,570

Disclaimer: The above simulation, and inflation rate offer
is for illustration purpose only. Petrol price above has been taken of Mumbai, source: ...Other data are based on internal research.Read more

Benefits of Investing in Liquidity Fund

Safety and Liquidity

Investing in Liquid Funds lets you enjoy a high level of safety with your principal amount. Primarily invested in low-risk securities, such as government bonds, minimizes the risk of losing your invested capital.

Preservation of Capital

By choosing to invest in Liquid Funds, your capital preservation is top priority. They strive to maintain a stable Net Asset Value (NAV) for Rs. 1 per unit, ensuring that your invested capital remains secure despite market fluctuations.

Quick Access to Money

Liquid Funds offers easy access to cash when needed. You can redeem accumulated mutual fund units on any business day at the prevailing NAV.

Competitive Returns

Liquid Funds provide competitive yields without significant risk, offering a modest return compared to traditional savings accounts and low-risk options.

Diversification and Professional Management

Investing in Liquid funds offers you the benefit of professional portfolio management. Fund managers diversify your investments across short-term securities, improving risk management, optimizing returns, and ensuring safety and liquidity

Who should Invest in Liquidity Funds?

  • Individuals or businesses who seek easy access to their cash reserves while earning potential returns.
  • Investors who look for a low-risk investment option with stability and capital preservation.
  • Individuals with short-term financial goals or upcoming expenses, such as emergency funds, down payments, or vacation savings.
  • Corporations or institutions managing cash surpluses and seeking an alternative to traditional bank accounts.
 Invest Fund

How to Invest in Liquidity Fund ?

  • Step 01
    Use our Liquid fund calculator to check how much you would like to invest
  • Step 02
    Register and create a folio by completing KYC verification and bank account authentication.
  • Step 03
    Select the mutual fund you wish to invest in.
  • Step 04
    Choose SIP or lump sum and make the payment.
  • Step 05
    Receive a confirmation of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Liquid Fund?

A Liquid Fund is a type of mutual fund that focuses on providing investors with easy access to their cash while aiming to preserve capital and maintain Liquid. It is considered one of the best options for individuals or businesses seeking short-term, low-risk investment vehicles.


Is Liquid Fund better than FD?

When comparing Liquid Funds to fixed deposits (FDs), Liquid Funds offer several advantages. They typically provide higher returns than FDs, have no lock-in period, and offer greater flexibility for withdrawals. However, it's essential to evaluate your specific financial goals and risk tolerance before making a decision.


Which Liquid Fund is best?

Determining the best Liquid Fund depends on various factors, including your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. It is advisable to research and compare different liquid funds based on factors such as historical performance, expense ratio, fund management, and the fund's investment strategy.


Are Liquid Funds high risk?

Liquid Funds are generally considered low-risk investments. They invest in short-term instruments with high credit quality, reducing the risk of default. However, it's crucial to note that all investments carry some level of risk, including the potential for fluctuations in interest rates or credit risks associated with the underlying instruments.


Who should invest in Liquid Funds?

Liquid Funds are suitable for individuals or businesses with short-term cash needs, such as emergency funds, planned expenses, or temporary holdings awaiting deployment in other investment opportunities. They offer financial flexibility, stability, and easy access to funds, making them attractive to risk-averse investors seeking low-risk, liquid investment options.

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