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Distributor Empanelment

Why Empaneling with us is a smart decision?

At Shriram Asset Management Ltd., we offer unmatched support to mutual fund distributors, empowering them with expertise, resources, and guidance for unparalleled success in the industry.

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What’s in it for you?

Low initial payment

Start your empanelment journey with minimal upfront costs.

Digitization of business

Work from anywhere! Embrace technology to work remotely and utilise digital platforms for seamless operations.

Expansion opportunities

Empanelling with us will help mutual fund distributors to reach a wider audience and boost market visibility.

Collaborate for success

Join forces to achieve shared goals and surpass competition.

Unlimited Income Opportunity

No limit to earning potential as the brokerage structure is well defined.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can get empanelled?

Any entity that has an ARN number from AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) can become a distributor with Shriram. Mutual fund distributors, brokers, and agencies, including financial institutions, banks, brokerage firms, and registered investment advisors, are typically eligible to apply for empanelment.


Is ARN number mandatory to get empanelled?

In order for an intermediary to collaborate with mutual funds and participate in their distribution, they must register with the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) and acquire an AMFI Registration Number (ARN). It is mandatory for mutual fund brokers and agencies to be registered with AMFI and possess an ARN to be approved for mutual fund empanelment.


How much time is required for the completion of the process?

The duration of completing the mutual fund empanelment process can vary depending on the internal procedures and workload of the asset management company. Typically, the process involves submitting the required documentation, meeting the eligibility criteria, and undergoing a review by the company. The time required can range from a few weeks to several months.


How do I get empanelled?

The process of mutual fund empanelment is as follows: • Research eligibility criteria and requirements. • Prepare required documents. • Submit the application form and documents. • Undergo review and due diligence. • Receive approval and sign an agreement. • Onboard as an empanelled distributor, broker, or agency.


When can I check the status of my empanelment?

You can check the status of your mutual fund empanelment application by contacting the designated point of contact or the concerned department at Shriram Asset Management Ltd.


What are the eligibility criteria for mutual fund empanelment?

The eligibility criteria for mutual fund empanelment may vary among AMCs. Common criteria include qualifications/certifications, net worth requirements, regulatory compliance, infrastructure, and relevant experience. Mutual fund brokers should check with the specific AMC for their requirements.

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