Single Folio Account Statement

If you have registered an email address in your folio, you can obtain a PDF Account Statement at your registered email address.To receive account statements, click in the following link
Please enter the following details and generate your Account Statement
  • Select AMC Name from dropdown list (Shriram Mutual Fund)
  • Type your Folio Number,e.g.108169 (optional)
  • Write your registered Email id (Mandatory)
  • Type your PAN (optional)
  • Select Delivery Option from dropdown list
  • Type password of your own choice
  • Re-enter the above password
  • Press SUBMIT button and get Account Statement in your registered email address
CLICK HERE  for Single Folio Account Statement
Holding mutual fund units in demat form:
The statement of holding of the beneficiary account holder for units held in demat will be sent by the respective DPs periodically


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