NAV Details

Net Asset Value

NAV or Net Asset Value is the worth, in market terms, for each unit of the fund. To calculate it, the liabilities and expenses are first subtracted from the market value of all investments. The result is then divided by the outstanding number of units in the fund. Most schemes announce their NAVs on a daily basis.

Calculation of Sale and Repurchase Price
Pursuant to SEBI Circular No. SEBI/HO/IMD/DF2/CIR/P/2018/92 dated June 05, 2018, it is clarified that the loads shall be charged as a percentage of Net Assets Value (NAV) i.e. applicable load as a percentage of NAV will be added to NAV to calculate sale price and will be subtracted from NAV to calculate repurchase price. In other words, the following formulae shall be used:

Sale Price = Applicable NAV *(1 + Sales/Entry Load, if any)

Repurchase Price = Applicable NAV *(1 - Exit Load, if any)

For example - if the applicable NAV is Rs 10.00, sales/entry load is 1 per cent and the exit/repurchase load is 1 percent then the sales price will be Rs 10.10 and the repurchase price will be Rs 9.90.