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Shriram Mutual Fund has been constituted as a Trust in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 (2 of 1882), vide a Trust Deed dated May 27, 1994, as amended from time to time. The said Trust deed has been duly registered under the Indian Registration Act, 1908.

Diversified Portfolio
Diversified Portfolio

Fund managers at Shriram Mutual Fund ensure that your investments are highly diversified across different market sectors and proportions that in turn minimize the risk and maximize the growth.

Appreciate your investment
Appreciate Your Investments

Shriram Mutual Fund enables you to appreciate your investments by huge margins by partaking in long-term mutual fund schemes. Our fund managers too offer the best support by guiding you with suitable plans accordingly.


It is a widely known fact that Shriram Mutual Fund is a trusted and a reliable mutual funds company in the Indian market. Reliability is one among many other factors for which investors prefer us, as we provide them with wise investment plans.

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